Water Power

A core part of the plan for redeveloping the North Mill is the installation of appropriate technology to harvest the power of the river Avon flowing over the 2m drop at our weir.. After extensive investigation of other schemes around the UK and consultation with our hydro power project agent Brendan Barrow of Bspoke Waterpower and The Environment Agency - we were content that an Archimedes screw system was the appropriate solution for this location for the following reasons-

1. The Environment Agency recommended it
2. Fish Friendly - they can pass down it rather than being chewed up as with other turbines
3. Environmentally friendly low impact engineering.
4. It is preferred option of the angling association
5. simple, efficient technology and so easy to maintain 
6. The efficiency is maintained well when the height of the water fluctuates.

We applied for our Abstraction & Impoundment licence in September 2009 and were granted draft licences from The Environment Agency in February 2010., with full licences to follow two weeks later apparently......... 

At this point things started to go very, very badly wrong at the Environment Agency.