The EA Sent us a diagram

Hmmm ... yes they did.

We know about plans and maps - and we've found out about Google Earth and the orbits of satellites and look angles and time of day and the way Google plays a bit fast and loose with it's historical data - according to Google the same cars were parked in the same spots for 5 years at Avoncliff (1999-2005) but that's a side issue :(perhaps not if you're an Avoncliff resident ;-)

A map is a diagram and one must expect some licence to be taken with representations of the world but we were surprised at the map that the EA sent us.  Anyway you slice it - many things aren't the right size or in the right place. We have a suspicion that the surveyors who compiled the map may have spent more time in the Cross Guns than behind their theodolites or waving their striped poles and dragging their tape measures around.

Anyway, here's a fade in-out of the picture that the EA sent us. 
(Please just click on the image if it doesn't animate for you)

The spillway from weaver's mill looks rather big and downstream of North Mill is dry land - Network rail would have a seizure if the waters were that close to their railway lines....  Most likely not deliberate misdirection but we'd have been happier with something rather more accurate....