The EA Decision Makers

People involved at the EA:

At the top of the decision tree is the Board And Directors: These individuals are listed on a page at the Environment Agency's web site

The Permitting Team:                                           The Managers:
Matthew Wales  - Birmingham                             Dr. John Aldrick
Penny Sowter                                                        John Adams
Kerry Maher                                                        Jon Gilling
Will Middlemiss                                                     John Southwell                                                                  
                                                                Fiona Ireland -Team Leader Ipswich
                                                                            John Sweeney - Permitting Centre Manager - Sheffield

Our "Long Suffering" Account Manager Ben Johnstone who must be wondering what he's got himself into....

If you follow the Google links to the managers - quite a few people seem to have flexible job titles depending on the situation that they are involved in - which is to what's left of my mind - quite odd.

Dr Paul Leinster - Chief Executive - London
David Jordan - Operations Director - London

Solicitors for the EA:                               

Technical Help Desk:
There's all the bit players to add in.

The Decisions they made and the emails and letters they wrote:to follow

- emails written around the date of our draft licenses
- request for freedom of information
- emails written on the 30th June 2010- the date of determination
- Emails written regarding the other mill owners' application
- letter from John Adams refusing to look at their decision
- Emails showing continual pressure( bullying) from the EA