Right of Access


When we first started the site we caused an outcry in the local Paper. ( The Wiltshire Times  - April 2009). They were under a false impression that we were crossing the Railway illegally. This was not true: We had legal right of access across the line:
  1. We had spoken to Network Rail
  2. Our solicitor had informed them we had started work
  3. We were given contact phone numbers for the signal stations so that they could inform us when it was safe to cross.
  4. We had carried out a risk assessment
  5. The crossing had been re-instated by Network Rail
Since then network rail have installed direct phones so that we have even easier access to the signal box.

We have a short video in production about how to safely cross the railway for future users of the crossing.

North Mill: as part of application for a water licence we gave the environement Agency a 'right of Access'. This means that they are ab;le to inspect a turbine if/ when we install one.

Weavers Mill: we understand that weavers Mill have given access to the environement Agency for any turbine they install through their neighbours' garden and through a solid stone wall.!