Permission Hearing for Judicial Review

When we applied for judicial review of the awarding of the abstraction licence at Avoncliff to Weaver's Mill - the application was subjected to a permission hearing - the purpose of which is to filter out any vexatious claims - in fact we're advised that around 90% of applications are denied. 

Our application was accepted and we think it's worth looking at the judge's comments at the application hearing.

The judge clearly states that in his opinion there was only one application extant on this weir - the application from North Mill. He also states "There is a great deal more to the claimant's proposed first ready, first determined principle than the defendants would allow".  It is notable we feel the the judge specifically mentions that the EA unlawfully blocked the statutory right of appeal - amongst other wrongs....

We could witter on about what this judge said - but please click the link and simply see for yourself
steve earl,
14 Jun 2012, 08:57