the Environment Agency finally put their hands up and agreed they had acted illegally!  This ended the Judicial Review (high Court Case) and they are paying.

This is the tip of the iceberg. They are keen to hide the extent of their activities which we believe, through evidence received, are criminal!

Not only is the permitting Team under scrutiny recent "information commissioner's report" is damming of their failure to follow policy. 

They have maintained through their legal argument that it is only viable to have one scheme on this weir -(we agree).

The existing unlawful licence will be quashed!

Matters Concerning The Environment Agency have reached the point where we will be bringing the entire story online with full supporting evidence. The Blog will be re-opened for comments


The foundations of the present mill building date back to the 15th Century but the building burnt down in 1881 and was it was rebuilt in 1883  the mill wheel was installed in 1862

After being used for a variety of industrial applications the mill was abandoned in the 1960s and allowed to fall into a serious state of disrepair

The mill was purchased from the descendants of the last owners in 2009 and a comprehensive program of refurbishment, renewal and improvement was undertaken to allow use of the buildings  and to reinstate the capacity of the mill to produce renewable power from the river. 

In fact - two years after applying, the water licences for the project still have yet to be properly determined and we have been  compelled to take the Environment Agency to The High Court Administrative Division under Judicial Review at considerable cost to the taxpayer.