The Compared Merits of Proposed Schemes

Revised January 2013 

North Mill                                          Weavers Mill                                       Comments
 This mill was working well into the 1960's
 It seems likely that this mill stopped working pre 1920 (reference required)
 In the "original world of water power" one has to assume that Weaver's Mill was not commercially viable long before North Mill.
 Is in the main, prevailing flow of the river
 Not in the main flow of the river.
 Any flow diverted through Weaver's Mill will alter the morphology of the river - erosion consequences for adjacent properties are not clear.
 Owns all riverbed and weir to the median line. No Property Covenants.
Deeds show only ownership of the weir itself to the median line, Adjacent properties also have riparian riverbed ownership in the proposed affected area. (tampered deeds?)
We understand that there are property covenants affecting Weaver's Mill and the river/weir.
Full access for construction equipment and utilities i.e. grid connection.
 very poor access for construction equipment
The Weaver's Mill site is very Problematic for access and complications could arise over liability for any maintenace / remedial works required 
 Archimedes Screw Turbine - designated fish friendly - no documented cases of fish damage
 Kaplan Turbine - a type which has been the subject of complaints from anglers and environmental groups due to a number of documented cases of fish damage..
Even EA officials say it should be an Archimedes screw ... you couldn't make this up.
 The choice of a Kaplan turbine for Weaver's Mill is contrary to prevailing wisdom and practice. A Kaplan is less efficient at the average water head at Avoncliff and is a fish chopper - The Archimedes screw has optimal performance for this location.
 Proven Turbine - engineering and installation from reputable manufacturer with a proven track record
 DIY turbine - Home built, we view this as an inappropriate and high risk strategy.  
 If... there is a problem, then who will fix it or indeed pay for it to be fixed?  A Kaplan turbine is a precision item.
 Able to employ standard coffer dam at the weir to undertake works
 Proposing DIY dam using novel (in rivers) suction piling
 Novel DIY vs. Tried and tested?
 Prepared to undertake remedial works on the badly undercut weir at Avoncliff and to maintain the weir in good condition
 No undertaking in this matter that is in the public domain. a letter exists from Weaver's Mill stating inability to undertake weir repairs and limits on financial resources.
 The weir at Avoncliff is suffereing from long term neglect and the sudden collapse of sections due to undercutting by water turbulence at the foot of the weir is a possibility - according to the EA
 Prepared to install a fish pass to ease the path of re-introduced migratory fish species which is proposed by the EA.....
 Unable to install a fish pass - offering a "By-wash"  July 2010 email elaborating problems of fish pass at Weaver's Mill
Weaver's Mill are offering a "fish slide" NOT a fish pass
The Angling Trust are not at all happy with Weaver's Mill proposed scheme or the EA