U.K. Green Energy Regulation + Licencing

Let's be clear about this - the UK Government's energy policy is missing its targets - this is in plain view...

We just want to concentrate on a small part of the recipe - hydro power.

Hydro power has, on a number of occasions provided MORE POWER than all the UK's expensive, unreliable wind turbines combined - but gets little official credit - in fact none at all that we've seen

In the renewables arena it's not unreasonable to say that hydro power properly done is the Cinderella technology = environmentally benign, reliable, cheapi-ish to implement, under funded and sadly under utilised - it comes complete with a few big ugly twirly sisters.

There is already a statutory framework in place for the regulation of water licences - which it seems the the regulator - The UK Environment Agency - doesn't particularly want to obey or implement, preferring to make 

We are aware of a number of other schemes where  interference from senior officials at The Environment Agency has resulted in considerable financial loss to potential operators and consequential loss of fossil fuel free generating capacity  - that loss being something that we are constantly told we can ill afford.

We have recently written to the Prime Minister to express our concerns but have not received a response to date. Letter to David Cameron