Environment Agency Professional Standards

...  is an area that in our experience is this organisation needs to remind some of it's employees that they are bound by under the terms of their employment.

The EA has produced it's own Code of Conduct document, detailing it's own view of how it's civil servants should behave (not available via the EA web site). For the sake of completeness a copy (MS Word) is attached to this page and you can view it online in Google Docs. We found a page on the EA web site which caused us to make Pffff... noises.

The EA also have a Customer Charter on their web site. Again, we have a (PDF) copy saved here for online viewing.  If you read it - please tell us if you find anything about what happens if standards are not met....

What is very notable by it's absence from most of The Environment Agency's documentation and web sites is the detailing of that organisation's statutory obligations - an omission that, after a few years experience with them - actually looks quite deliberate.  It strikes us that the inclusion of documents in a non-web format (MSword / PDF) is lightweight obstructiveness as both these formats are simply converted to a web format.


steve earl,
11 Jun 2012, 16:21
steve earl,
12 Jun 2012, 08:20