This has really gone on way too long and wasted our time and shedloads of public money. We have been forced to ask the same questions time, time, time and time again .....  it may well be inefficiency - but if the EA are trying to convince us that they really, really have something they really want to hide - they're doing a bang-up job!

The frustration of asking for the same, specific bits of information - as in a copy of the original determination report that was used to approve our draft licenses and copies of all communications between weaver's mill project agents and the EA. 

We understand that some of our communications with the EA have been disseminated to Renewables UK - the Weaver's mill agents - a one way traffic..... and that at least one employee of the EA breached out rights to confidentiality in respect of our license application. 

Given that a firm court date has been set for the judicial review hearing, this smacks of withholding evidence

We already posses unequivocal evidence that specific, requested documents exist but the almost two year long tally of obstruction and obfuscation continues unabated and Duncan Hames M.P. has recently (week 3 Oct 2011) written yet again to Dr. Paul Leinster, the Chief Executive of the EA requesting an explanation - on past performance Dr. Leinster will likely delegate the reply to an ill informed, hectoring minion who will ignore the question and copy and paste the misleading reply from some old "Yes, Minister" scripts.  

The timeline for our Foi requests, the EA's respones and the Information Commisioner's comments (yep, they're involved and unimpressed with the EA's antics) will posted here real soon.