Duncan Hames MP

Our local MP, Duncan Hames has now met with us on several occasions over the last two years... and put considerable effort into trying to get an explanation of what is going on with the Environment Agency and their involvement with the water licences for the operation of a hydro scheme at Avoncliff

He has written letters to The Environment Agency and actually asked a question to the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne (The Minister responsible for the Environment Agency) in The House of Commons when he was dissatisfied with the lack of communication from the EA after months of waiting for a sensible reply in June 2010.

You can see Duncan in action at www.parliamentlive.tv  Here (scroll in to 11:18:36)  where Chris Huhne ducks the Avoncliff question and  here (Scroll in to 12:08:55) where the deputy leader of the house David Heath MP (Local Boy - Frome & Somerton) alludes to multiple hydro power licencing problems he's had experience of with the Environment Agency and suggests either an Adjournment Debate or a Westminster Hall Debate..... to address problems with the Environment Agency and water licences - something one assumes he wouldn't suggest lightly......  The Environment Agency's communications with Duncan that he has copied us in on - have been characterised by little information, delivered late and dotted with misrepresentations of the situation delivered by some officials with no direct involvement or apparent knowledge of the situation at Avoncliff.  

This parliamentary question session actually elicited a response by telephone the next day  (Friday 2nd July 2010)  from a senior EA official direct to us - which can only be described as threatening.

Duncan has also expressed what we assume is his frustration with the EA via the social networking site Twitter

It seems clear that the Environment Agency have little interest in responding to questions asked by our democratically elected representatives - the evidence points to them actively resisting .... 
A search at the Information Commissioner's Office displays some listings showing their on-going resistance to FoI requests