Avoncliff JR Consent Order Feb 2012

On the 11th April 2012 The Administrative Division of The High Court issued a Consent Order  (Reference CO/10848/2010) regarding the agreement of all parties (The EA, Weaver's Mill and North Mill) to be bound by this consent order in the matter of the re-determination of the licence  at Avoncliff. 

The Consent Order includes a quashing order which removes the unlawfully awarded licence to Weaver's Mill.

You can view the Consent Order online in Google Docs

We will be adding our comments on this over several days - but we believe from the wording of the consent order that it is clear that only one scheme can proceed at Avoncliff "due to the fact that is insufficient water to allow two schemes to proceed"

Please take a look at the consent order and we'd appreciate your views on the blog

We would like to point out that the Consent Order was drafted by the EA's legal team (a surprise to us!) and there was considerable friction over getting the wording as it is in the final version (no surprise there).
steve earl,
14 Jun 2012, 09:14